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Monday / July 16

The Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) Tools Network, co-coordinated by NatureServe and OCTO, is a premier source of information and training for planning and management tools for coastal-marine

In December 2017, the UN General Assembly decided to begin formal negotiations through an intergovernmental conference to develop a new internationally legally binding instrument under the

Marine conservation and addressing climate change are out. Jobs and national security are in. That’s just one message sent by a new executive order detailing a

Ancient volcanism offers a glimpse into the future effects of climate change. Right now, global climate patterns are swinging wildly (in geological terms), powered by

Study reveals huge inequalities, dangers in genetic ownership of ocean life. Andrew Masterson reports. Just under 13,000 genetic sequences derived from 862 marine species have

Industrial fishing covers more than 55 percent of the ocean’s surface – over four times the area covered by agriculture. Global Fishing Watch dataset freely available

VISIT FUNDINGTHEOCEAN.ORG endeavors to track marine protection levels as commitments by countries to increase MPA coverage become due. Currently, many countries are working to reach