Where are ocean conservation organizations working?



by working together 

we can have a more effective impact on ocean health.

We have developed a multi-use and
multi-tiered cloud platform to engage and meet the needs of ocean conservation organizations, funders and the public to share information, collaborate and network. 







we are building

the world's largest database of ocean conservation organizations.

in order to learn who is doing what around the globe and help everyone connect.  We are on a QUEST to find as many organizations as possible!  Help us by adding information about your organization or one you know about.    

is a marine conservation and research ​organization working to protect
 sustainable fisheries policies in IN COSTA RICA AND CENTRAL AMERICA.

MArine Watch International's mission 

to protect the oceans

costa rica


by promoting the sharing of information and fostering collaboration.  Help raise awareness and funds for small 
organizations run by local people in their country.  There are amazing people doing incredible work. We want to find them and support them!  

Half Moon Bay, California:    Lodging needed for conference 23-27 Feb 2014

San Francisco, CA: Camping gear for use by groups that are patrolling beaches

Tonga:    Photographer working with         

                Humpbacks Sept 2014





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Marine Watch International's mission is to protect the ocean by promoting the sharing of information and fostering collaboration.